Friday, January 16, 2009

Ever seen the Etch a Sketch guy?

This is simply amazing. My friend Clayton over at The Diff sent me this. He writes:

George Vlosich, the self-proclaimed "world's greatest Etch-A-Sketch artist," is back with his latest Etch-A-Sketch, this time as part of the MANIFESTHOPE: DC exhibit that’s running January 17-19, in conjunction with the Obama’s Inauguration.

You may have seen some of the other Etch-A-Sketch works from George, including the LeBron James Etch-A-Sketch, which was a bona fide YouTube viral sensation in 2007. Watching George do this in sped-up video is pretty amazing. You can actually see each hand movement and how it affects the Etch-A-Sketch screen. I think it’s really cool and hope you do too.

Clayton also mentions that in conjunction with the Inauguration and as a special bonus for viewers of this video, Fathead is offering a 10% discount and free shipping on all Barack Obama Fatheads. Just go to and enter discount code: ETCH.

And while you're at it, get some DETROIT LIONS gear, cuz we're coming back in Oh-Nine, baby! (Maybe.)


Don Martelli said...

Dude...lions are NOT coming back in '09.

Carlton said...

That's crazy. Dude has mad skillz.

melanie said...