Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you reading the Manivals?

By Charlie Kondek

The Manival is a weekly round up of great blogging from around the manosphere. I highly encourage you to read it and, if you're writing yourself, submit to it. Simply put, this is great personal writing on fatherhood, marriage, money, character and more that really shows the depth and breadth of what seems to be a growing community of men bloggers. I'm constantly blown away by it.

The current Manival is here at The Night Writer. Virile Lit. is in it! We also got featured in this one over at Schaefer's Blog. Sorry I missed it, Schaefer!

Here's the submission form for the next Manival, #10. There's a fantastic write up of all the Manivals to date here at Daddy Brain. Hats off to all these guys. My "buy a round for" blog roll is going to get too big to fit into my imaginary bar. We're gonna need a K of C hall or a big beer tent or something to encompass all this great content!

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