Thursday, May 1, 2008

Josh Wilker Interviews Cait Murphy on Crazy '08

By Charlie Kondek

Josh Wilker, the scribe of Cardboard Gods, has an interview with Cait Murphy about her book Crazy '08.

Q: Besides the details, the most arresting feature of the book is the authoritative, salty, funny voice, which helps bring the past alive in ways that few historical books are able to. Did you have the voice for the book from the start of your work on it, or did you discover it gradually as you went along? Also, was this voice inspired in any way by the entertainingly colorful sportswriting style of the early twentieth century?

A: Well, my family says that when they were reading the book, they laughed because it sounds very much the way I speak; so I think I came by the voice honestly. I very much wanted to stay away from the hushed-reverence school of baseball writing.

Wilker's interview is here. I really wanna read this book now. By the way, Josh, what are your top ten - now eleven - baseball books? Addendum: Wait! He lists them in the comments under the interview. Follow the link.

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